CurlyGoneCosmo| First Day on the Clinic Floor! From Core to Adaptive

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Hey loves!

Happy Wednesday! Today is the day I've been waiting for, counting down, so many mixed emotions haha. I was super terrified, excited, nervous pretty much every feeling that could possibly exist. You guys know that I'm a worrywart! Would I be getting my very first client today, would I be in a



The day started off a little rough, we were so confused as to where to go, who do we report to, what do we work on? But after speaking with a few of the girls that were pretty much veterans to the clinic floor, they were super nice and helped us out to understand how everything works. They didn't lie when they said; the clinic floor is totally different from being in


which is very structured and and classroom based. 

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I know that it'll take some getting used to but I actually kind of like the challenge of being on my own and the room for growth and discipline. The learning leaders are not breathing down your back forcing you to get your work done or get to class, its up to us now to take full responsibility for our actions. With that being said, I can officially take clients now on the clinic floor, I spend the majority of my day working on credit hours (taking clients, working on personal services or mannequinn work) and a small portion of the day in theory class (book work in a classroom) or practical (more in depth hands on learning building upon what we've learned in our Core classes) We even got to watch Scott Cole perform a haircut on a student! He's so talented!


6 month break

was so devastating in the past but I'm back full force and ready to enter this great industry of beauty! 

Do you remember your first day of work in your career of choice? We're you nervous? Lets Chat!

Do what you love, Love what you do!

xo Rayann