3 Ways to Pamper yourself on a Budget with Groupon

3 ways to pamper yourself on a budget with groupon

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. As always all opinions are honest and my own.

Let’s face it, in 2016 we are beyond busy! From work, school, keeping up with family and somehow maintaining a social life, the last thing we’re worried about is pampering ourselves. Somehow we miss the logic behind how we’re able to keep up with it all: Taking care of your body & mind so it’s in great condition to keep up with our hectic work week. Pampering yourself doesn’t have to break the bank, you may not even need to leave your home. Here are 3 ways to Pamper yourself on a Budget.

First and foremost, before we move forward: YOU CANNOT PAMPER YOURSELF WITH A CLUTTERED MIND. Turn off your phone or keep it on airplane mode when you get to your location if you’re leaving your home for the day.

Groupon: You guys know just how much I love saving an extra coin wherever I can. Groupon is one of my favorites when it comes to scoring a great deal. You can save money on Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons in your area and find hidden gems along the way. From Eyelash Extension Bars to Salon & Beauty Spa there’s something for nearly every budget in the Groupon Directory. Simply log on to the site, and Choose a category based on your interests, no need to enter your home address Groupon is already 2 steps ahead and grabbed listings in close proximity for ya!  I literally had no idea how many spa’s were actually close to my home in the middle of nowhere. I no longer have to take that long drive to Midtown Atlanta just for a relaxing girls day.

Relaxing Lush Bath & Mani/Pedi: Create a playlist the day before. Add your favorite calm tunes: remember this isn’t the time to be TURNT, but to simply ease your mind. Your cuticles are ready to be cleansed and all of the gunk from a hard week of work will declog easily with a cuticle remover after soaking. Lush is one of my favorite bath bomb brands under $10 and we all have that overwhelming stash of nail polishes somewhere!

DIY Bath Bomb/Sugar Scrub: Really on a budget? Here are some of my favorite DIY Bath Bomb Recipes which can be made with just a few household items (you may need to run to your local drugstore or grocery store for a few missing items):

Hayley Williams Shows us just how easy it is to create your very own DIY Lush Bath Bombs using just a few ingredients. If you’re super crafty like I am, you might actually find the process, a relaxing project in itself!

*Bonus: Here’s a DIY Lush Lip Scrub from her Lush inspired series as well!

Enjoy your Pampering Session & let us know how it went! What are your favorite ways to pamper yourself? We’d love to know.

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