How to Properly Quit Your 9 to 5 Job to Start Your own Business

how to quit your 9 to 5 to start your own business

Use your daytime hustle to fund and fuel your dream hustle.

We've all had dreams of quitting our jobs for careers that we're actually passionate about but let's be real, we've got adult bills to pay. Once you've figured out your dream hustle it's time to execute a strategic plan.

Consider costs If your goal is to quit your 9-5 for full-time entrepreneurship, there are so many costs to factor in. Everything from household bills to health insurance and a much needed stationery office will be crucial expenses to consider for your transition. Factor in just how much you'll need to save up for a smooth transition and of course a 6 months savings plan for those rainy start up days.

Purposeful spending on payday This is where your daytime hustle comes into play. Having a plan will make the 9-5 life seem so much more productive and give you that much needed motivation to get to work each day. There's no better feeling than having a goal vs. Working in vain.Consider pay day as a step closer to your goal. Each check should be budgeted wisely and contribute towards your entrepreneurial savings! Skip out on those weekend turn up parties every once in awhile or that Starbucks drink for a week or two. You'll appreciate the sacrifice in the long run.

Employee building an Empire Sometimes we have to work a job that we hate to fuel and fund our dreams and goals. This should not be looked down upon. You are not an employee looking for a raise or retirement, you're an employee building an empire.

Earn while you learn You will earn discipline, and drive in the process of transitioning! Working a job that doesn't align with your dream business? Consider interning or find an open position in your dream industry, even if it's just working as an assistant for a small T-shirt business you'd love to start one day. Whether you are interning or actually earning a paycheck you are benefiting. An internship in your dream field can offer free knowledge and real life business lessons you otherwise would have to pay for. Take advantage of free opportunities to learn and network in your industry.

YouTube & Social Presence YouTube is a great platform to not only showcase your talent to future employers but also get paid in the process. Looking to start a makeup company or produce music? Start a channel to promote these talents and connect with that community. The opportunities are endless when it comes to social media and brands discovering you. Building this community of followers will be a vital part of successfully launching your business in front of paying customers.

While you may be ready to throw in the towel on that day job today, remember planning is everything and you can totally earn while you learn. Don't give up on that 9-5 just yet!

Use your daytime hustle to fund and fuel your dream hustle!

What is your dream job?

I Quit my Job to be a Full-Time Blogger/Entrepreneur

You're here either because you absolutely hate your current job, looking to start a side hustle, or ready to finally turn your passion into profit.

What's a life worth living if you dread getting up for work each day?

Do what you love and love what you do.

I was in your shoes just a few months ago. My name is Rayann and I've worked in pretty much every industry from food, to retail, librarian even the office. I was miserable at almost every job and found myself counting down the hours until I could go home and work on my hobbies that brought me happiness.


I quit my job at a local pharmacy after a mental breakdown. I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck, putting in requests for family emergencies and getting denials. I wanted to reclaim my life and invest my time into my talents and hobbies that truly made me happy. Stepping into reality of course I had to somehow be able to pay the bills and maintain my sanity. I needed to find a way to turn my passion into profit.

Over the next 365 days I will be sharing an inside scoop on how you too can turn your passion into profit with the power of social media and blogging.

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